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Unemployment Insurance Claimant Profiles

The Unemployment Insurance (UI) Claimant Profiles are selected demographic summaries on the Massachusetts residents claiming unemployment insurance benefits during a survey week each month. The selected claimant characteristics include age; educational attainment; and industry, occupation and average weekly wages prior to their UI claim. The Claimant Profiles below are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format and are available by Workforce Development Areas (WDA) and statewide.

Claimant Profiles

To obtain a Claimant Profile, select the desired area (either a Workforce Development Area or Statewide) from the drop down menu below, select the month and year and then click on ‘Download the report’. If you are having trouble viewing the reports, check to make sure that any pop-up or ad blockers that you may have installed are turned off.

Choose Your Extract

Choose the criteria below to select a claimant report.
  1. Select the Workforce Development Area
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All UI Claimant Data from January 2015 to Present - This Excel file contains demographic information on Massachusetts claimants dating from January 2015 to the present. The Excel file has two tabs: “Worksheet’ and ‘Claimant Data’. The ‘Worksheet’ tab allows you to compare and contrast claimant counts between different survey months and areas. The first two rows give you drop down menus that you can select that will let you cycle through the different dates and areas. Once you make a selection, the data will be automatically changed. The ‘Claimant Data’ tab is a compilation of all the claimant information dating back to January 2015 in a tabular form.
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