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Employment and Wages (ES-202)

Employment and Wage (ES-202) data are derived from reports filed by all employers subject to unemployment compensation laws, both state and federal. Industry employment and payroll information is produced both quarterly and annually for the state, labor market areas, workforce development areas, cities and towns, and counties. NAICS based employment and wage data are available beginning with the first quarter of 2001. Use the Data tool below to obtain Employment and Wage data by area and industry.

NOTE TO DATA USERS: Beginning with 2022 the data are on 2022 NAICS. The data from 2010 forward have been revised to reflect the 2010 Census NECTA and labor area delineations. QCEW data includes only the Massachusetts portion of NECTA areas with interstate area delineations. Access area information and map

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  1. Select the Area Type
    Choose an area type from the list.
  2. Select the Specific Geographic Area
    Choose the specific area.
  3. Select the Year
    Choose the year.
  4. Select the Time Period
    Choose the time period.
  5. Select the Ownership
    Choose the type of Ownership
  6. Select the Industry or Industry Sector
    Choose the desired Industry. To see a wider view of the data select higher in the hierarchy.
  7. Select the Category
    Choose the Category Only or Category and all sub-categories

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