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Long-Term Occupational Projections

The Massachusetts Industry-Occupation Employment Projection Matrix for 2022-2032 reflects the unique mix of 662 occupations and 122 industries in Massachusetts and are available for both occupations and industries. Long-Term Industry Projections are also available.

Beginning with these projections a new BLS Separations methodology is used to project annual openings. The Separations methodology was developed to better capture a more accurate picture of the workforce and give BLS the ability to differentiate between workers who leave the labor force entirely; exits, and those who are changing jobs and leaving an occupation, transfers. The annual openings are the sum of the projected net change plus transfers plus exits.

Find the expected employment growth and annual openings for 662 occupations in Massachusetts and 16 Workforce Development Areas by selecting in the box below. These 10-year forecasts, which are updated every other year, are intended to help individuals make informed education and career decisions and assist educators and training providers in planning for future needs. The projections currently cover the 2022-2032 period.

Select the Specific Geographic Area.

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